Our services are all enforced using GLB, FCRA and other Acts and Regulations. Some services are Process Serving and locating someone, Current Employment Searches, Background Checks Personal and Business, Tenant Screening, Employment Screening, and Judgment Collection Recovery Reports. It is my pleasure to introduce you to the services of First Guarantee Associates, LLC, a privately held research company, specializing in Background Checks both personal and business and a wide array of services. Our services are available nationally and internationally. 

  •  Automobile Repossession and Recovery Services
We do verified skip tracing and current employment searches. We will do scouting in the metro New Orleans area within 100 miles. Also have a contract with a local Repo company that has trucks to get the automobiles for the state of La. and Ms.

WE ARE FULL SERVICE BACKGROUND SEARCH ON INDIVIDUALS AND BUSINESSES. Please call for our fees and services we are worldwide 24 hours a day. Due to privacy laws we do not display fees or services except by phone.

Please note that First Guarantee Associates, LLC is NOT a "Detective Agency" nor are we "Private Investigators", Legal Practitioners or Law Enforcement Officials of any kind. We are simply a research company that does a very specific kind of research... and we do it exceptionally well!


**** 24 Hour Service Worldwide ****

We do verified skip tracing and current
employment searches nationwide. 

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